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God delights in truth. We seek to please God by submitting to his true, perfect, and all sufficient word - the Bible.  We learn it, teach it, and live according to it. Not only that, we are to be people of truth, opposing lies, honest in our dealings, and standing for what is right.


We believe in the:

  • Sovereignty of God 

  • Authority and Inerrancy of the Bible

  • Power of Expository Preaching

  • Effectiveness of Personal Evangelism

  • Importance of Small Group Ministry

  • Centrality of the Gospel in All We Do

  • The Fulfillment of God’s Promises

  • Mankind’s Desperate Need for Grace

We are Distinctively Baptist & Theologically Reformed

Covenant Grace is a a part of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). The EFCA exists to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all people. They are committed to Jesus Christ, to the gospel, and to one another. As an association of churches that aligns itself around a Statement of Faith, EFCA churches are distinct, yet connected - independent, yet united.


We are united around the core truths of Biblical Christianity, yet have strong convictions on subjects that are important, but not worth breaking fellowship over. 

Membership at Covenant Grace only requires agreement with the Statement of Faith.  However, the distinctives below constitute the teaching position of the church and all who join us are asked to live in harmony with them for the sake of unity.

Distinctives are less about making distinctions and more about being upfront about who you are.  We are distinctively Baptist and theologically Reformed.  If those words don't mean much to you, that's ok. You also don't have to agree but you'll never doubt where we stand.  

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