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We gather for worship weekly and in small group gatherings outside of church for fellowship and Bible study.  This is a great season to plug in, build relationships, and grow in your faith.

You can expect:


A welcoming, informal environment that still views God and worship with reverence.

Expositional Preaching - where the message being taught is the message the Bible is teaching, not some guy's opinion. We prefer to teach through entire books of the Bible, so that, A) we don't skip the hard parts, and B) we take in all God has to say... all the while addressing the difficult topics the world presents to us.

Reverent Worship - we believe that music is a God-ordained means of worshipping him, not a form of entertainment for us.  While we have some freedom with style and arrangement (hymns vs modern, etc), the emphasis must be on solid theological content. Because guess why? You will be singing those lyrics in your head all week.  So the words had better be good.

Sound Doctrine - we believe that right theology plays a vital role in the development of authentic faith. Theology simply means knowledge of God.  We need to know who Jesus is and why we love him in order to have a right relationship with him.  Sound doctrine forms the foundation for our love, praise, and worship.

Family Integrated Worship - we believe the family that worships together is the family that makes disciples where it matters first - the home.  We seek to foster families and disciple parents to disciple their children.  We also seek to disciple those who have yet to begin families by bringing them into relationship with those who are well under way.

Where we are now: Children are integrated into service, worshiping alongside their parents.  We have them participate in weekly catechism aimed at instructing them in the basics of the faith in an interactive way. Kids receive an activity sheet and coloring page that follows along with the sermon so that their active minds can engage with the message while they worship alongside their families.

We have Sunday School before service twice a month - one for adults and one for kids.  This begins at 9:00 am, 1 hour before service.  For the adults you can expect a typical Sunday School class.  For the kids (K-5th grade), they will receive age appropriate teaching and activities to prepare them in the faith and for the for the service that follows.

What to Expect
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